Print Methods

Each of these print processes has its advantages and limitations, making them suitable for different applications and production requirements. The choice of print process depends on factors like the desired print quality, material type, order quantity, budget, and time constraints. All print methods below are available with a registered matt varnish and even suitable for retort application.

Rotogravure (Gravure)


Gravure printing involves engraving the image onto a metal cylinder, which is then filled with ink. Excess ink is wiped off the surface, leaving ink only in the engraved recesses.

The ink is transferred directly to the packaging material under pressure. Gravure printing offers high image quality, especially for continuous-tone images like photographs and is often used for high-volume production of packaging materials.

Your personalised engraved cylinders can ensure your artwork stands out to consumers; with up to 9 colours available, your designs can be incredibly flexible.

Flexographic (Flexo)


Flexographic printing is one of the most common methods for printing on flexible packaging materials. It uses flexible rubber or photopolymer plates that are mounted on a rotating cylinder.

The plates are inked, and the image is transferred onto the packaging material as it passes between the plate cylinder and an impression cylinder. Flexo printing is known for its ability to handle a wide range of materials and its fast production speeds.

Utilising the latest press and repro technology with up to 10 colours plus matt lacquer, we offer the widest possible design capabilities available to take advantage of.



Digital printing has gained popularity in recent years due to its flexibility and ability to produce shorter print runs without the need for expensive setup costs.

It involves directly transferring the digital image onto the packaging material using inkjet or electrophotography technologies. Digital printing allows for variable data printing, customisation, and quick turnaround times.

With recent developments in digital print technology, we can now offer a digitally printed retort pouch to cater for printed, smaller volume work.