We offer a wide selection of packaging film and reels to meet your requirements, ensuring product freshness, protection, and visual appeal.

Thermoforming Application Film

Top Film for Thermoforming – Our top films for thermoforming applications are engineered to provide exceptional clarity, durability, and barrier properties. These films are designed to be heat-sealed to a base film, creating a secure and tamper-evident package. With excellent formability and puncture resistance, our top films ensure your products remain visually appealing while maintaining their integrity.

Base Film for Thermoforming – Our base films for thermoforming are specifically formulated to provide stability and structural integrity to your packaging. These films are designed to be heat-sealed with a top film, creating a secure enclosure for your products. With a focus on durability and barrier protection, our base films ensure your packaged items are well-protected throughout their shelf life.

Retort Lidding Films

Our retort lidding films are engineered to withstand high-temperature sterilisation processes, making them suitable for packaging products that require extended shelf life.

These films offer excellent heat resistance, ensuring that your products remain safe and fresh even under demanding conditions.

Retort films are available for either weld seal or easy peel application with the option to have a printed design.

Map Lidding Films

MAP lidding films are designed to extend the shelf life of products by creating a controlled atmosphere within the package.

These films help preserve product freshness, colour, and taste by regulating gas composition.

With our MAP lidding films, your products can maintain their quality and appeal for an extended period.

Chilled Lidding Films

Designed for products that require refrigeration, our chilled lidding films provide a reliable seal that keeps your products fresh and prevents leakage. These films are crafted to maintain their integrity in cold temperatures, offering convenience and protection for products that need to be kept chilled.

Form Fill Seal Films


HFFS Films

Our HFFS films are tailored to the needs of horizontal form-fill-seal machines, ensuring seamless integration into your packaging process. These films are designed for high-speed packaging operations, providing consistent sealing and reliable performance.

VFFS Films

Designed for vertical form-fill-seal machines, our VFFS films enable the packaging of a wide range of products with ease. These films are engineered to facilitate efficient filling and sealing, contributing to increased productivity, and minimised downtime.