Stand Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches offer a cost effective alternative to traditional pasteurised and retort packaging methods. With the ever-increasing competition for supermarket shelf space, this packaging solution provides strong visual impact, which is attractive to the modern consumer.

As well as our standard chilled specification for stand-up pouches, J M Packaging Ltd supplies both aluminium and clear retort stand-up pouches. These packaging solutions are potential replacements for the standard can and jar and offer 12 months plus ambient shelf-life. The clear pouches are also microwaveable and enable the consumer to view the product contents.
Our retort pouch specifications offer optimum barriers against water, vapour, gases and light transfer, and exceptional resistance to heat and burst pressures.

Unique technology has resulted in the standard production of an easy tear, easy opening laser scoring system and zipper locks for recloseability, with spout applications also available on all stand-up pouches.

To guarantee suitability for end usage, all materials are tested in a pilot plant under realistic conditions using a controlled autoclave steam steriliser with adjustable oven pressure and automatic data logger for shelf life testing.

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