Recyclable Film – REPEAT

REPEAT™(REcyclable PolyEthylene Advanced Technology)

REPEAT is our 100% Polyethylene, recyclable, barrier material solution.

Repeat can be produced in film (roll stock), Pre-made stand up pouches (SUP’s) and pre-made flat pouches.

Our material is suitable to be recycled in communities with existing PE film recycling facilities and can be recycled like a standard Polyethylene bag.

Repeat offers the properties, barrier & functionality of a multi-layer film while enabling the same level of convenience for the end-user.

The material can be reverse printed using Flexographic, Roto-gravure or Digital print.

There are options for:

  • anti-fog 
  • easy peel material
  • A fully recyclable recloseable zipper

Repeat is also suitable for the hot fill temperature range and can be suitable for the microwave and freezing conditions of up to -20 C.

Our REPEAT material is the perfect solution for many non-recyclable products in the market, on the shelf, right now.

The table below shows just some of the applications which are trialled and ready for the market today.

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